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Silver Sponsor

  • Sponsorship Recognition as one of our beginning sponsors during this first annual community event
  • Brand Recognition with logo featured on our flyers, postcards, press releases
  • Media Promotion on two radio announcements, multiple social media ad campaigns (FB & Instagram) with a combined reach of over 700,000 people

Gold Sponsor

  • Same benefits as the silver sponsor
  • Exposure Opportunity to pitch the entire audience with handouts (estimated (350+) during the general assembly (5 minutes or less)
  • Table set up during the general assembly

Platinum Sponsor

Call or text us at (575) 742-8352

  • Same benefits as the silver and gold sponsors
  • Access to set up your table in each of the breakout rooms during the event
  • Guarantee of no competitor co-sponsor
  • Recognition during our Pre-event marketing livestreams
  • Brand mentioned on all radio ads
  • Photo opportunities for your community and cause newsletter
  • 25 minute presentation during the Pre-event brunch


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